How To Transform Your Health and Fitness In 90 Days and Sustain The Results.

Why Our Programs Are Superior To Everything Else...

Personal Adaptable Nutrition Strategy

Science and Lifestyle Based Exercise Program

Daily Accountability Until Habits Are Formed

How Much Is Poor Health and Fitness Costing You?

Most people struggle to keep up with their health and fitness because life happens... But when too much time goes by you start to feel the negative effects...

  • Lowered sense of well being

  • Poor physical conditioning

  • Concerns about general health

  • Guilt from not doing your best

  • Less confidence than before

  • Doctor visits and prescriptions

Transforming your health and fitness is challenging enough if you know exactly what to do...

Most people don’t even know where they should start. So, they do something that yields poor or temporary results leading to frustration or burn out.

If you want the best return on your effort, our customizable 90-day formula will allow you to transform your health and fitness and sustain the results.

The #1 Result Our Clients Attain Is Confidence.

Confidence In Your Health

When you don't have to worry about your health you have the freedom to enjoy life. Sometimes our hands are tied but we can always control the controllables with a routine. The right routine. That is made for you so you can sustain it. That's what our formula can do for you.

Confidence In Your Physical Capability

Being confident in your body's ability to handle anything life throws at it is one of the most freeing feelings you can have. You can achieve that...or at the very least, you can greatly improve from where you are now. The fringe benefits are nice, too. (Feel better in clothes, enjoy being in group photos, can be more active in general)

Confidence In Life

You're at your best when you feel good and look good. It's possible to have that everyday...or at least more often than not. With proper nutrition, fitness and a custom routine, you can live very well and likely longer...more time to make memories.

Our 90 Day Formula Consists of Three Components:

Component 1:

Personal Adaptable Nutrition Strategy

-your health goal dictates your food selection
-Your physical/composition goal dictates your calories/macros
-Lifestyle factors dictate your diet format
-Preferences dictate your plan B diet or alternative diet

Component 2:

Science and Lifestyle Based Exercise Program

-Avoid injury and over training by identifying limitations and issues

-Fix posture and prevent injuries with corrective exercise

-Avoid plateaus and boredom with scientific periodization
-Workout setting and equipment selection

Component 3:

Daily Accountability Until Habits Formed

-Remove guesswork by developing a fitness blueprint
-Develop a personal routine for consistent results
-Daily reminder to remove excuses and forgetfulness
-Quick solutions to issues so there is no delay in results

Selecting A Method To Get Healthy and Fit Can Be Intimidating Because Everyone Promises The Moon. So How Do You Know You're Making The Right Choice?

The truth is that almost every method works to some extent. The three questions you have to ask are...

#1 Will I get the best return on my effort?
#2 Is it sustainable long term?
#3 Will this injure me?

Because everyone is completely different with totally different genetics, biological clocks, postural deviations, dysfunctional movement patterns, preferences, may be wondering "How do I determine what's the best method for me?"

This is why our 90 day formula is so powerful...

It allows for in depth customization in regard to your nutrition, exercise, routine development and accountability while sticking to scientific rationale.

The crazy part is that it took years to develop this formula... it's not in any textbook and doesn't come from a college degree. It took over a decade, 7 certifications, 100+ continuing education hours and training over 15,000 sessions to put this formula together.

At Body Upgrades Personal Training, we understand no two clients are alike. We understand that transforming your lifestyle is an emotional, logical, behavioral and habitual challenge. Which is why every program is created from scratch and you get access to your personal trainer every single day of your transformation.

If you're ready to transform your health and fitness, watch the free class. If you want our help, book a free call with one of our nationally certified personal trainers. Get a pen and paper ready and let's go.

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